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Pioneers in the global ERP solutions market, Priority Software empowers companies and organizations of all sizes, by providing the most comprehensive, flexible and affordable ERP solutions on the market today. With the mission of making ERP easier, Priority offers a more accessible alternative to complex, costly solutions to increase profitability and efficiency. Today, over 8,700 companies across a wide range of industries in 40 countries have come to rely on Priority to manage and grow their business. Priority is offered both as on premise and cloud solutions, both of which deliver 100% system functionality, enabling users to access their data in real-time from mobile devices and tablets.

Why is Priority superior to other ERP systems?

System configuration: Priority is loaded with extensive user-level configuration tools for business rules, form and menu design, and document layout. Customization capabilities cover BPM (Business Process Management) tools, business rules, forms, reports, documents, standard and financial report generators, and MS-Word integration for creating custom print layouts using smart tags (e.g., for bar code labels and checks).

Navigation: Priority’s unsurpassed navigation capabilities include keyboard shortcuts, right-click contextual menus, drill down navigation, numerous sub-level forms and record links that can be embedded within text forms.

Mobile Solutions: Priority allows your team to access the ERP system from their mobile devices with no 3rd party integration required.

Development tools: Priority’s development tools allow programmers to develop software customizations that require no compilation, even after version upgrades. Each customization becomes an integrated part of the application itself (e.g., Search and Choose lists are added automatically when a new entity is joined to an existing one, deletion checks are added automatically). Consequently, developers can focus on logic rather than on software issues.

Data migration tools: Users define the structure of input files, load each file to an interim work area where data are checked and revised as needed (manually or using built-in tools) and then run a second program that loads these data into Priority data structures. Loading data from the work area in this fashion simulates manual data entry; hence, these data are subject to the same rules as data that are input manually to the corresponding Priority forms.

Mail integration: Priority’s mail integration offers direct synchronization of incoming e-mail messages with related Priority records. Synchronized records can be of any type, such as sales opportunities, price quotes, service calls or invoices and the list goes on and on. Links to Priority records can be also added to outgoing mail messages, either manually with a single command or automatically by the system itself (e.g., notification of a status change). A single click from the mail message then takes authorized.

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We are dedicated to provide quality of service and support with total commitment to excellence. We take you step by step through all the implementation stages. Our business sensibility and expertise are unrivaled.

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We are committed to bundle the best technological solution for your business which will be integrated within your ERP. Advanced BI tools, Documents Management, Mobile Solutions and much more.